ECHO is a flexible, computer based learning model for students at risk of dropping out, in need of credit recovery or looking for a non-traditional learning environment.


Public school districts use ECHO to diversify academic experiences for their students by offering a learning environment outside of the traditional school setting.

The ECHO program has been a reliable option for districts to place students in lieu of suspension or expulsion by giving them essay writer an opportunity toward a second change. In fact, over 95% of students who used ECHO in lieu of suspension or expulsion earned a high school diploma in time for graduation. 

ECHO primarily provides services to students in grades 9-12 but can accommodate students in junior high as well. Most students that attend have individualized Education Plans (IEPs), but this is not a requirement.

ECHO’s classrooms consist of several computer stations and small-group workstations. It is staffed by an intervention specialist and tutors. This blended environment of technology and staff allows students to work at their own pace and receive one-on-one support when needed.


Personal & Flexible


ECHO allows students to work in a classroom setting up to 6 hours/day with the flexibility to work at home or from a distance. Sessions are divided into two 3-hour blocks to support students with jobs or in vocational training programs.

Students can set a pace that works for them so they can work faster than in a traditional classroom setting allowing them to recover credits for on-time graduation.